FPS Services Pvt.Ltd is a Information Technology company, working in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Tactical Surveillance), Computer Forensic and IT Security & Audit. We are dedicated to provide supreme digital investigation solution over the past two decade.

We are partnered with all major system instigators of India. The head office is in the heart of the financial capital of India, Mumbai and have rep offices in Banglore, Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Noida & Hyderabad in India and Muscat & Dubai in Middle East.

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Artificial Intelligence (Face Recognition)

FPS Services has partnered with AnyVision a security company from Israel headquartered in Holon, Tel Aviv District specialized in Artificial Intelligence, to bring facial, object and human recognition solutions for Video Surveillance in mass crowd events (Tactical Surveillance). Our face recognition technology can automatically identify and track individuals both indoor & outdoor. We have an advanced tactical surveillance system that provides video analysis in real time for multiple face recognition in mass crowd events. Our technology uses computer vision face recognition & deep learning algorithm to imitate the human brain; it is based both on years of academic research & extensive operational experience. The system is successfully deployed at various sites worldwide.

We offer a wide range of facial, object and body recognition and related technologies for Homeland Security, Defense, Financial Services, Gaming, Pathology, agriculture and home application. Our solutions are designed to work on any sensors with any resolution and are proven to operate in real world scenarios.

The solution was recently ranked in the 1st place for both 1:1 & 1:N face recognition compared with other leading facial recognition solution by NIST ( National Institute of Standards & Technology) public benchmark for “ Recognition accuracy & performance results”.

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Our team is committed to provide digital forensic solutions to clients across broad spectrum of industries. We provide top-of-the line consultancy services in the area that includes Custom Digital Forensic, Training, Computer Forensic Investigation & Lost Data Recovery.

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IT Security & Audit

We are engaged in ensuring security of information through a variety of security services thus helping detect & prevent theft of information by both outsiders & insiders.

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1 Recognition in Mass Crowd:

Real-time; requiring a minimum face size of 45x45 pixels

2 Recognition time

of less than 0.2 seconds for a database of up to 8,000,000 faces

3 Accuracy and Reliability:

First in 1:1 and 1:N on multiple validated benchmarks

4 Detection Speed and Scale:

0.2 seconds per database of up to 115M individuals

5 Recognition from uploaded image file

of any format and show the best matches

6 Multi-Factor Invariance:

Ethnicities, age, occluded faces and disguises

7 Detect

a partially hidden face

8 Search backwards

for previous detections and/or recognitions (events) of the detected person

9 Ability to overcome the following conditions

a.Changes in facial expression
b.Changes in facial hair or hairstyle
c.Changes by moderate aging (up to 20 years)
d.Partially hidden faces
e.Changes in lighting conditions, including reductions in a level of upto 1 lux lighting
f.Head angles of ±90° horizontal, ±30° vertical

10 The system shall not require

a specific type or brand of camera nor a specific manufacturer, Ability to support all common camera resolutions (1MP, 2MP, 3MP,etc)

11 Any Sensor, Any Location:

Plug and play solution on existing infrastructure including PTZ

12 Seamless Integration;

Command & Control, VMS ;Highly Scalable: Run 30 cameras on a single GPU

13 Supports recognition of 1:1

(one face in the frame: Database of one person), 1:N (one face in the frame : Database of many people) and N:N (multiple faces in the frame : Database of many people)

14 Detect a face with a minimum size

of 45X45 pixels operating with a video which has a minimum rate of 5 frames per second

15 Analysis Pre and Post Event:

Multi-stream, simultaneous analysis at 20x real time or 600 frames/sec

16 Profile and other hard extreme cases Detector:

Support detection of faces from any angle, including profile images

17 Any Light variation condition:

Support consistent surveillances, including night and any other light effects

18 Outdoor scenario support:

Support outdoor scenes with all relevant obstructions and real-life challenges

19 Advanced Forensic system:

Support analyzing multiple video files simultaneously in x20 times faster than real time (600 FPS)

20 True Positive Rates in previous pilots:


21 Multisite support:

Support architecture of multisite deployment for installations of up to 100k cameras

Shaping the future is not an easy task, we are honored to partner with AnyVision and embark on the mission

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