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Better Tomorrow

Better Tomorrow is a state of the art platform that enables one-to-many recognition on-demand. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we are ready to meet your needs.

  • Person Of Interest
  • Object Recognition
  • Heat Map
  • Human Recognition
  • Multi Sites
  • Multi Factor Invariant


The Better Tomorrow platform can also be leveraged for commercial purposes. Our platform can generate powerful insights about your customers opening new business verticals and sources of revenue to your company.

  • Heavy Shoppers
  • Gaze Estimation
  • Offline to Online
  • Heat Map
  • Seamless Payment
  • Enhanced Customer Journey


AnyVision invites you to try the key of the future. SesaMe is an authentication and onboarding software that harnesses the power of our deep learning platform. Unlock the future by having SesaMe in the palm of your hand.

  • iOS & Android
  • Anti Spoofing
  • Fast Access
  • Liveness Detection
  • Digital Vault
  • Data Encryption

Agnostic to Camera

Our platform works with any camera, no need for replacement.

Runs On Existing Chip

No changes to existing hardware.


Immediately operational and scalable.

GDPR Compatible

Our products are compatible with all GDPR regulations

Proprietary Neural Networks

Our neural networks are developed from scratch, by PhDs in the field of deep learning.

Deep and Lightweight Nets

Our algorithms are lightweight and fast, built to operate in real time and keep you safe.

Designed For CCTV

Our platform is designed for CCTV, we work on any angle camera and in any light condition.

Learning in the Field

While academic research is critical, learning in the field in the most difficult environments is irreplaceable.

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